Protect Your Family’s Future

You work hard to provide a good life for your family so naturally you would want to protect that life. VT Financial Insurance can provide protection for you, your spouse and your dependents against a loss of income due to an injury, illness or death. The subject of financial insurance is often hard to talk about, and difficult to understand. We respect the sensitive nature of what is discussed and specialize in providing you with sound advice and products to plan for your family’s future.

Protection For What Matters Most

If others depend on you for financial support, then you should plan how you will provide for them in the event of your death or premature disability. The financial services department at Holden Insurance offers a variety of coverage options for individuals and businesses in Middlebury, Rutland, Brandon and throughout central Vermont. The full range of financial insurance products include term life, whole life, short-term and long-term disability, and medicare supplements.

We can help you secure the right mix of policy options for your stage in life. We invite you to consult with one of our financial insurance specialists to discuss your specific needs.