Risk is a Common Factor in Everyday Business

Whether you operate a small, mid-sized, or specialty business, you have a need to protect what you worked so hard to build. In today’s economic and social climate, you cannot afford to go unprotected. A carefully designed insurance portfolio of business insurance products can ensure the continuing operation of your business by minimizing the impact of a financial loss due to an unexpected event. The commercial insurance department at Holden Insurance offers a variety of coverage options from small business to large commercial in Middlebury, Rutland, Brandon and throughout central Vermont.

You deserve the security knowing your business is covered for whatever lies ahead. We can help guide you in making the right choices for how your business operates today and in the future.

 Made-To-Order Coverage

No two businesses are alike and what works for the business across the street may not be right for you. We can work with you to design a protection plan tailored to balance your unique coverage needs and operating requirements. Holden Insurance provides business insurance solutions to a variety of industries, including contractors, restaurants, truckers, store owners, non-profits, electricians, and other trades operating in Vermont.

Responsible Service

As a business owner you are faced with the challenge of choosing appropriate coverage to protect the different areas of your business. We know you need a trusted adviser who can explain your options and help you create a complete business insurance portfolio. From certificates of insurance to audits, our professionalism and personal touch carries forward in servicing your account long after the sale.

“Over the years though, N&B has been fortunate to only carry on routine transactions with our Carriers and their Agent thereby never pushing our relationship to a “testing” state of affairs. On January 2 of this year everything changed. Our disastrous fire on that day mandated we call on Holden Insurance to come hold our hand and lead us through the steps necessary to keep our business whole and operating as if nothing had happened. Paul and Steve were there for us and I will never forget that. We already knew that Holden Insurance is excellent with all that small detail paraphernalia but now we most certainly can attest to the fact that their good with the big stuff too.”

Naylor & Breen Builders, Inc.
Date: 2011 – May

We invite you to consult with one of our business insurance specialists and get our skilled team behind your business.