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Life doesn’t come all wrapped up in a safe little box. It is full of risks, making life worth living. Protecting life’s risks requires a 360º view of your unique risk landscape. When you look for an agency that will make your life financially safer, Holden Insurance is your independent choice for insurance protection.


You’ve come to the right place.

You probably hear it everyday how much car insurance companies can save you money. But, how do you know you are getting the best value for your money. You understand the importance of having good insurance coverage, and you want it at a fair price, right? With access to many regional and national carriers, we can provide multiple insurance cost options. Working with an independent VT insurance agency means you have a choice in where you place your insurance coverage, knowing you are getting a good rate.

So, where do you start?

Get Answers to your insurance questionsSee the form. Fill in your contact information and one of our insurance specialists will be in touch with you to provide a complete insurance cost review. We can look over what you are currently paying for the coverage you have and compare it to the cost options we can provide. We’ll tell you if you are getting the best value for your insurance or offer recommendations on how you can become financially safer. It’s that simple.

Get cost options on your insurance!

We’re a VT Insurance Agency

Holden Insurance, a trade name of Holden Financial Services, Inc., was built on the foundation of several small hometown agencies. Our roots have been planted in Central Vermont since the late 1800′s with our first Brandon, VT insurance agency. We represent a tradition of doing business efficiently and progressively as a team, taking advantage of our depth in markets, years of experience and education to provide true professional service to you.

Whether you’re seeking financial security for your personal assets, your business or your family’s future, you deserve a choice in where you wish to place your insurance coverage. Our team not only has knowledge and experience in the industry, we understand the coverage and cost challenges you face when insuring various aspects of your life. Give us a chance to exceed your expectations by designing an insurance portfolio that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

Personalized Products

The insurance products you purchase should match your lifestyle and provide the essential protection in the event of a loss. Establishing your insurance portfolio with one VT insurance agency can minimize coverage gaps and overlaps, and can be the most cost effective approach. Every program is different, like a financial puzzle we must solve in order to make you complete.

Here’s what Nick M. had to say about the recent claim he filed:

“Thanks for all your help, top shelf! Thanks for making an ugly situation look pretty!”





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