Why choose to work with an independent VT Insurance Agency?

Easy way to get the information you want about the insurance products that are right for you.

The insurance products you invest in need to protect you when an incident occurs. Working with Holden, a VT Insurance Agency, gives you access to multiple insurance companies and the flexibility to choose what coverage and cost options best fit your lifestyle and budget.

When you work with Holden, a division of The Richards Group, you get. . . .

  • Access to a team of insurance specialists.
  • Analysis of your current and future insurance needs.
  • Competitive premium rate options from multiple insurance companies.
  • Rewards for your responsible choices and other discounts you qualify for.
  • Help with OSHA, HR, Worker Safety, Employee Benefits, and other business related topics.
  • Continued review of your insurance year after year to keep the coverage and rates where they should be.

A one policy fits all approach is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, you’re left with gaps. Holden Insurance offers you a 360° view of your unique risk landscape, thus closing the gaps in your coverage.

Insuring Your Unique Exposures

Specialty Insurance

Vermont is known for it’s scenic mountains, maple syrup and of course Ben & Jerry. It’s also gaining popularity for unique start-up companies and organizations requiring specialized insurance, such as alternative energy, farmers markets, and trucking operations.

If you run a company with exposures that don’t quite fit within the guidelines of a standard carrier, we can help you find the coverage you need to succeed.

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Are You Self Employed?

Insurance for the small business owner may not be as complex as a large corporation, but it’s equally important. If you have questions about what business insurance policy is right for you, contact one of our business insurance specialists.

When you look for an agency that will make your life financially safer,

Holden Insurance is your independent choice for insurance protection.

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